Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

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How to Store your designer bags in the right way

Though girls carry one bag at a time everyone will have a huge collection of bags that would last for years. The handbags are one of the best fashion accessories on which we can invest and retain their value. So, it’s important to know how to keep the handbags in the best way so that they stay in perfect condition.

  • Before strong clean know the material out of which it’s made. If its leather, use a damp cloth and if it’s suede, use a dry cloth. 
  • Remove everything from the bag and stuff it with plastic so that it could take the shape of the handbag. A bubble wrap can be a perfect filling. Don’t use paper or cloth to stuff a leather bag. Always place the handles and straps in to the bag whenever possible.
  • It’s always better to store the bags in original dust bags so that you can protect your bags from any kind of stains and dust. It prevents bag from getting faded due to the daylight.
  • Always put the bags in an upright position so that they don’t lose their original shape. Book shelves can be a perfect place for your bag collection.
  • If there is not much space to store your bags then you can also go for the hooks for storing bags. Can put bags in dust bags and can hook them. 
  • In order to find the kind of bag that you are looking for from the dust bags it’s always advisable to snap polaroids of the bag and can pin these over the dust bags. 

This way one can keep their favorite bags safely and within reach and can easily find them out when you are going out and need the hand bag.


Fashion is getting more related to customer inclusiveness

Fashion is now transformed drastically based on the customers interests their body, gender, race and various other factors. Fashion trends keep changing every month and consumers are quickly getting adapted to the new changes in clothing available in the market. With the coming up of new generations and the changes in cultural shifts the fashion gets altered. It’s not just the white colored people who are the acceptable faces in luxury, beauty and fashion fields. Now most of the brands do prefer to go for the non white models rather than the whites which wasn’t the same in earlier days. Earlier brands always preferred white skinned people for their fashion shows. But now those days are gone and there is no racial discrimination. Valentino was actually very eager to couture catwalks only with black models. But if a black person had come for the meeting, he or she will encounter several white faces. 

Gucci was also slammed for producing balaclava sweater which was resembling blackface. Though the designer Alessandro Michele had expressed his love for black people, they still fought off its PR crisis with more PR rate that they got. The Council of fashion designers of America CFDA was forced to address inclusion issues and had published a report entitled the outsiders or insider inclusion and diversity in American fashion industry. Everyone should take the initiative against anti blackness rather than going for panel discussions. Fashion designer Kibwe Chase Marshall had said in response to CFDA report rather than just pretending let’s show the real work by culturing equity. Fashion inclusion and diversity efforts have largely been self congratulatory performance, doing small and little things to address the ramp race discrimination should be addresses. 

Now the fashion trend has been changed. People from various parts of the world irrespective of their caste, color and religion anyone can opt to enter in to the fashion field and the ramp. In fact, most of the fashion companies now prefer to go for the black shade models in a view to show their interests against racialism. This is one of the best practices if everyone would follow it in a way to prevent any kind of discrimination while employing anyone. The fashion industry should be open for all the qualified candidates and the recruitment process shouldn’t be based on racial discrimination or any particular diversifying factors.


Hard stones are now entering the area of high jewellery

The time has now come to rethink about the semi precious stones as they have now come in to the most exclusive collection jewellery. The expensive 4 precious gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. For centuries these stones have dominated the high value jewellery. It was noticed that the royal blue sapphires, coloured diamonds and the Colombian emeralds had become the centerpiece of attraction for most of the exclusive jewellery which debuted during Couture week in Paris. But with the latest changes in the trend, the new jewels had incorporated the semi precious, hard stones, ornamental and the rarely seen ones. Rather than cutting these stones, they have polished and made them smooth. With the unique texture and shape, these opals and onyx stones provide the natural patterns which are a great inspiration to the high jewellery. The finest opals have an impressive price and hard stones have also been used in jewellery earlier. These stones are now being used to create a beautiful new effect with their natural effects.

With the unique opacity and the organic earthiness of semi precious stones, these are widely used in creating amazing jewellery pieces. Though they don’t come under the big 4 gems these are widely used in creating precious and mesmerizing jewellery. The Cartier’s magnitude collections, Cinemagia collection oozes Dolce vita glamour uses some of the hard stones which also play a great role in adding excellence to the jewellery of divas. These hard stones are heavily saturated colors, pure and with vitreous lustre which makes them get used in high end jewellery. When you look at Pomellato’s Armonie minerali collection, they have hard stones which are used in pendants and rings. The Lapis lazuli is widely used in the new high jewellery collections of Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels. 

De Grisogono a Swiss jeweler always experimented with the high end jewellery. Turquoise which is a hard stone has become synonymous with brand while jet black onyx season got elevated to a status of high jewellery at the art of techni colour collection. Though the stones always have great value in terms of jewellery, the creative and unique jewellery collection has made it evident that the demand for such jewellery is growing. These are very stylish yet elegant and provide the kind of royal look that one expects to get. 


Fall/Winter Fashion 2019 – Some Popular Trends You Should Know

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 fashion collections have just arrived and we hope women with some extra inclination towards latest fashion trends have started their search already. In case you are not aware, the four major Fashion Weeks have been recently conducted, and it is easier for us to foretell which major trends will be the most sought after thing for the next autumn and winter seasons.

Due to recent economic slowdown fashion industry seems to be impacted to some extent. Designers showcased the apparel were exceptionally minimalist and utilitarian, or they are inspired by the 90’s films like the Matrix.

Though, some designers chose to add a little bit of fantasy and drama, in their creations and we saw various colourful and voluminous garments, besides overtly seductive see-through clothing, along with visible lingerie, and corsetry. Hence let’s get into the details of what our upcoming fashion trends do look like.

Seventies Style fantasy can revamp our closet

Who doesn’t feel charmed with Bell bottoms, vests, long jackets, turtlenecks, corduroy and warm earthy colours of 70’s style? Recent fashion shows somehow brings back that period as one of the winter 2019 runway trends.

We expect the 70’s pop culture is once again full-on with the arrival of Michael Kors’ fall runway collection. The models were dressed in long, belted dresses, neckerchiefs, earth-toned leather with their big and fluffy hairstyles. Naeem Khan was another notable designer who successfully gives trousers a new fashionable look as women’s wear. His figure-elongating maxi dresses and caftans look just amazing with mesmerizing feminine touch.

Nineties Casual Fashion Style

90’s fashion were greatly influenced by popular culture; we still get nostalgic with those baggy and bright clothes that used to depict some sort of aggressive casualness we are really fond off.

Models were showcased in a deliberate messy, makeup and hair styles and this look were perfectly accentuated with the fabrics and silhouettes that looked extremely comfy.

If you liked those ripped pants, multiple layers of textured denim and band Ts then 90’s collection could certainly inspire you to try them once again.

Big bulky Puffer Coats are indispensable part of winter fashion trends

Anyone who lives in a chilli climate would love the ultra-puffy winter coats. We saw Jonathan Simkhai was shown dressed with a sleeping-bag-sized puffer coat which had a floral pattern on the outside to match the dress she wore underneath.

Eco-friendly fashion collections to protect Mother Earth:

Since Global warming is a major issue in recent times, so designers have also kept the environmental aspects in mind. We get to see some outstanding creations with recycled materials. These clothing collections made amazing pro-earth statements which was greatly appreciated during and after the fashion shows. Using recycled and sustainable materials to manufacture garments shouldn’t be merely a fashion trend, we should accept it as a standard practice in fashion.

This winter we see an overall shift towards minimalist, functional and non-gendered dressing style in the high fashion world, a trend that seems to be easily incorporated into more mainstream fashion.