Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Fall/Winter Fashion 2019 – Some Popular Trends You Should Know

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 fashion collections have just arrived and we hope women with some extra inclination towards latest fashion trends have started their search already. In case you are not aware, the four major Fashion Weeks have been recently conducted, and it is easier for us to foretell which major trends will be the most sought after thing for the next autumn and winter seasons.

Due to recent economic slowdown fashion industry seems to be impacted to some extent. Designers showcased the apparel were exceptionally minimalist and utilitarian, or they are inspired by the 90’s films like the Matrix.

Though, some designers chose to add a little bit of fantasy and drama, in their creations and we saw various colourful and voluminous garments, besides overtly seductive see-through clothing, along with visible lingerie, and corsetry. Hence let’s get into the details of what our upcoming fashion trends do look like.

Seventies Style fantasy can revamp our closet

Who doesn’t feel charmed with Bell bottoms, vests, long jackets, turtlenecks, corduroy and warm earthy colours of 70’s style? Recent fashion shows somehow brings back that period as one of the winter 2019 runway trends.

We expect the 70’s pop culture is once again full-on with the arrival of Michael Kors’ fall runway collection. The models were dressed in long, belted dresses, neckerchiefs, earth-toned leather with their big and fluffy hairstyles. Naeem Khan was another notable designer who successfully gives trousers a new fashionable look as women’s wear. His figure-elongating maxi dresses and caftans look just amazing with mesmerizing feminine touch.

Nineties Casual Fashion Style

90’s fashion were greatly influenced by popular culture; we still get nostalgic with those baggy and bright clothes that used to depict some sort of aggressive casualness we are really fond off.

Models were showcased in a deliberate messy, makeup and hair styles and this look were perfectly accentuated with the fabrics and silhouettes that looked extremely comfy.

If you liked those ripped pants, multiple layers of textured denim and band Ts then 90’s collection could certainly inspire you to try them once again.

Big bulky Puffer Coats are indispensable part of winter fashion trends

Anyone who lives in a chilli climate would love the ultra-puffy winter coats. We saw Jonathan Simkhai was shown dressed with a sleeping-bag-sized puffer coat which had a floral pattern on the outside to match the dress she wore underneath.

Eco-friendly fashion collections to protect Mother Earth:

Since Global warming is a major issue in recent times, so designers have also kept the environmental aspects in mind. We get to see some outstanding creations with recycled materials. These clothing collections made amazing pro-earth statements which was greatly appreciated during and after the fashion shows. Using recycled and sustainable materials to manufacture garments shouldn’t be merely a fashion trend, we should accept it as a standard practice in fashion.

This winter we see an overall shift towards minimalist, functional and non-gendered dressing style in the high fashion world, a trend that seems to be easily incorporated into more mainstream fashion.