Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Fashion is getting more related to customer inclusiveness

Fashion is now transformed drastically based on the customers interests their body, gender, race and various other factors. Fashion trends keep changing every month and consumers are quickly getting adapted to the new changes in clothing available in the market. With the coming up of new generations and the changes in cultural shifts the fashion gets altered. It’s not just the white colored people who are the acceptable faces in luxury, beauty and fashion fields. Now most of the brands do prefer to go for the non white models rather than the whites which wasn’t the same in earlier days. Earlier brands always preferred white skinned people for their fashion shows. But now those days are gone and there is no racial discrimination. Valentino was actually very eager to couture catwalks only with black models. But if a black person had come for the meeting, he or she will encounter several white faces. 

Gucci was also slammed for producing balaclava sweater which was resembling blackface. Though the designer Alessandro Michele had expressed his love for black people, they still fought off its PR crisis with more PR rate that they got. The Council of fashion designers of America CFDA was forced to address inclusion issues and had published a report entitled the outsiders or insider inclusion and diversity in American fashion industry. Everyone should take the initiative against anti blackness rather than going for panel discussions. Fashion designer Kibwe Chase Marshall had said in response to CFDA report rather than just pretending let’s show the real work by culturing equity. Fashion inclusion and diversity efforts have largely been self congratulatory performance, doing small and little things to address the ramp race discrimination should be addresses. 

Now the fashion trend has been changed. People from various parts of the world irrespective of their caste, color and religion anyone can opt to enter in to the fashion field and the ramp. In fact, most of the fashion companies now prefer to go for the black shade models in a view to show their interests against racialism. This is one of the best practices if everyone would follow it in a way to prevent any kind of discrimination while employing anyone. The fashion industry should be open for all the qualified candidates and the recruitment process shouldn’t be based on racial discrimination or any particular diversifying factors.