Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Hard stones are now entering the area of high jewellery

The time has now come to rethink about the semi precious stones as they have now come in to the most exclusive collection jewellery. The expensive 4 precious gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. For centuries these stones have dominated the high value jewellery. It was noticed that the royal blue sapphires, coloured diamonds and the Colombian emeralds had become the centerpiece of attraction for most of the exclusive jewellery which debuted during Couture week in Paris. But with the latest changes in the trend, the new jewels had incorporated the semi precious, hard stones, ornamental and the rarely seen ones. Rather than cutting these stones, they have polished and made them smooth. With the unique texture and shape, these opals and onyx stones provide the natural patterns which are a great inspiration to the high jewellery. The finest opals have an impressive price and hard stones have also been used in jewellery earlier. These stones are now being used to create a beautiful new effect with their natural effects.

With the unique opacity and the organic earthiness of semi precious stones, these are widely used in creating amazing jewellery pieces. Though they don’t come under the big 4 gems these are widely used in creating precious and mesmerizing jewellery. The Cartier’s magnitude collections, Cinemagia collection oozes Dolce vita glamour uses some of the hard stones which also play a great role in adding excellence to the jewellery of divas. These hard stones are heavily saturated colors, pure and with vitreous lustre which makes them get used in high end jewellery. When you look at Pomellato’s Armonie minerali collection, they have hard stones which are used in pendants and rings. The Lapis lazuli is widely used in the new high jewellery collections of Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels. 

De Grisogono a Swiss jeweler always experimented with the high end jewellery. Turquoise which is a hard stone has become synonymous with brand while jet black onyx season got elevated to a status of high jewellery at the art of techni colour collection. Though the stones always have great value in terms of jewellery, the creative and unique jewellery collection has made it evident that the demand for such jewellery is growing. These are very stylish yet elegant and provide the kind of royal look that one expects to get.