Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

How to Store your designer bags in the right way

Though girls carry one bag at a time everyone will have a huge collection of bags that would last for years. The handbags are one of the best fashion accessories on which we can invest and retain their value. So, it’s important to know how to keep the handbags in the best way so that they stay in perfect condition.

  • Before strong clean know the material out of which it’s made. If its leather, use a damp cloth and if it’s suede, use a dry cloth. 
  • Remove everything from the bag and stuff it with plastic so that it could take the shape of the handbag. A bubble wrap can be a perfect filling. Don’t use paper or cloth to stuff a leather bag. Always place the handles and straps in to the bag whenever possible.
  • It’s always better to store the bags in original dust bags so that you can protect your bags from any kind of stains and dust. It prevents bag from getting faded due to the daylight.
  • Always put the bags in an upright position so that they don’t lose their original shape. Book shelves can be a perfect place for your bag collection.
  • If there is not much space to store your bags then you can also go for the hooks for storing bags. Can put bags in dust bags and can hook them. 
  • In order to find the kind of bag that you are looking for from the dust bags it’s always advisable to snap polaroids of the bag and can pin these over the dust bags. 

This way one can keep their favorite bags safely and within reach and can easily find them out when you are going out and need the hand bag.